Rakufestival 15.-17.7. is meant for everyone interested in ceramics. The festival is burning raku for three days. Stonedairy provides the kilns and smoke materials; clay, glaze and kiln time you pay by store prize. You are also invited to bring your own tools, methods and materials.

The clay in the pieces should be dry, so you have three options: 1. You bring totally dry pieces, 2. You bring pre-burnt pieces, 3. You may work with clay at the Stonedairy 4.-10.7. by 30 euro/day.

The special programs during the festival introduce different kilns, technics as crocodile skin and naked raku and at Saturday evening we produce a fire sculpture. Fee for the festival is 90 euro.

Friday 15.7.  
12.00 Naked Raku, ceramic artist Nora Paakkanen
14.00 Ceramics of the First Emperor of China, MFA Helena Saarikoski

Saturday 16.7.
12.00 Wood kiln, ceramic artist Ilkka Harjola, Varnia Oy
21.00 Fire sculpture, Ilkka Harjola

Sunday 17.7.    
12.00 Wood kiln, Ilkka Harjola
14.00 Crocodile skin, ceramic artist Pirjo Lautiainen

Accommodation is possible nearby at the B&B Majatalo Myötätuuli (www.myotatuuli.net, info@myotatuuli.net), Kökkön lomakylä (www.s-netti.com/kokko, kokkonlomamokit@gmail.com) and at the hotels in the center of Somero.

Questions and registration before 30.6.: kivimeijeri@gmail.com, tel: +358452016099

Sponsors: Kerasil Oy, Varnia Oy, City of Somero